December 3, 2008

A Letter To Texas Tech (Why Mike Leach)

Hey all. I am not here to flame anyone just pass along some information.We're not sure what the actual budget it is for this hire other than the program, AD, and President have to make the perfect hire this time. They blew it with Tyrone and it's cost the UW Athletic department huge amounts of money. The UW athletic department is self funding meaning no money is taken from the "upper campus" and most of that money comes from the football team. The team has been very unsuccessful and hasn't had a winning season in 6+ seasons YET season tickets remain strong and average game day crowds are around 60,000. The President of the University has said that they will pay what they need to get the right guy so hearing of numbers like 3 million doesn't surprise me if it gets butts in the seats and wins on the board. On top of this the university is in the process of trying to fund a $300,000,000 million stadium renevation scheduled to start in two seasons and this project can only be completed if there is excitement in the program. Remember that our President hired Saben and LSU so he is a football guy.With the main target of Jim Mora off the board for coaching the Seahawks next year I would say Leach is the fan's number one target if only because he's not boring old Tyrone and combinding that with Mike's winning recently you can see why there's excitement.

Other candidates of interest are Peterson at Boise, Whittingham at Utah and perhaps Venables (sp) at Oklahoma. An announcement of some kind is asssumed for early next week after the UW plays Cal Saturday.Additional factors are that the UW has a top 10 national medical school and Mike's daughter just started in Med School so she could move up with them. The natural beauty of the area and a very rich alumni base with a solid economy.

Recruiting wise he would be the top guy in the western upper part of the US.Anyway, again I'm not sure what to expect but I felt some of this might answer questions.Go Dawgs!


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