August 21, 2010

Ben from Pullman, Wash., writes...

Ben from Pullman, Wash., writes: I was wondering why ESPN and everyone is in love with Jake Locker. ... I know he has the athleticism and talent, but his statistics are not even close to a Heisman or a first round quarterback pick. If you look at his career stats page, you will see he only completed 58 percent of his passes last year.

Ted Miller: People are impressed by Jake Locker because: 1. he's big; 2. he's fast; 3. he's smart; 4. he's a great "character" guy; 5. he's got a great arm; 6. his passing has progressively improved; 7. when you watch him on film, it doesn't take long before you go "Wow."

His numbers haven't been terribly impressive because he began as a raw talent and his supporting cast was mediocre-to-bad. He'll pile up plenty of numbers this season.

And, by the way, I get a lot of this in the mailbag. I wish no ill on any team, but the obsessive Locker-doubting makes me wonder if there might be some karmic problems hitting some teams this season when the Huskies come to town.


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